ittse – awesome, underrated eyeshadows! 

So my all time favorite YouTuber was Michelle from ReadySetGlamour. She deleted her YouTube channel not long ago, and I really miss watching her videos. While she was still on YouTube, she announced that she created a quad of eyeshadows in collaboration with a makeup company called ittse. I had never heard of it before. They sell eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, and foundations all in single pans, along with magnetic palettes you can purchase separately. This brand is centered around customizing a makeup palette to suit your individual needs.

I have never purchased any type of collaboration makeup products with the exception of Michelle’s eyeshadow quad. I loved the colors she came up with and was more than happy to support her. She named it the Squad Quad, after her followers, which she calls her “squad”. They are all warm shades, with a mix of shimmers and mattes.

After I used Michelle’s quad a few times, I decided I really liked ittse’s formula. I purchased some more mattes from this brand later on. I found that there is a little bit of kick-up when you dip your brush into the matte formula, but nothing crazy. All of the shimmers have great pigmentation with one swipe.

Each shade mentioned is available on, along with a bunch of fun colors. The individual eyeshadows retail for $9.00 USD, and the Squad Quad set retails for $30 USD. I know that might sound a little steep, but I promise they’re worth it. If you sign up to receive their emails, they will send coupon codes periodically. The next time you need some single eyeshadows, I would highly recommend this brand! Below are finger swatches of my ittse shadows.


Squad Quad Left to Right: Hashbrown (matte warm tan), Fifteen (matte warm red-brown), Chill Zone (pearlized bronze), Squad (metallic yellow gold)

Both finishes are very soft and pigmented, but the metallic shades are especially buttery. Side note: I know Hashbrown and Fifteen look a little shimmery in this photo, but I promise they’re matte!


Left to Right: French Pressed (matte milk chocolate), Cloak & Dagger (matte sable), Cabin in the Woods (matte chestnut), Changing to Flats (matte bordeaux)

The shades French Pressed and Cloak & Dagger are both smooth and pigmented. Cabin in the Woods is a little patchy when swatched, but I don’t seem to have that problem when I’m blending it on my eyes. Changing to Flats is especially soft and rich.