Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation Review

Let me start by saying that I know I’m a little late on my review of this foundation, but I really wanted to test this it for a good amount of time before sharing my thoughts. About a month ago, I picked up the new Peach Perfect foundation from Too Faced. I almost bought the foundation online but I wasn’t sure what shade I needed, so I decided to check out the shades in person. The Too Faced website says this product is medium coverage, oil free, photo friendly, wears for 14 hours, and controls oil. It retails for $36.00 USD and contains 1.6 ounces of product. Most bottles of foundation contain 1 ounce, so yay for getting additional product! It comes in a plastic squeeze bottle with a pump, which is nice. This means you won’t have to worry about a glass bottle breaking, yet you can still control the amount of product that comes out.

For reference, I have fair skin with neutral-to-yellow undertones. My skin type is oily. I am about an NC20 in MAC products. This foundation comes in 12 shades. I decided to pick up the shade Snow, which is described as fair with rosy undertones. I was surprised at this shade description, because the foundation actually seems to be pretty yellow-toned. What really drew me to this foundation was it’s oil control claim. Plenty of foundations have a matte finish, but few claim to actually control oil production while wearing it.

Application: I applied this foundation with my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush. I almost always apply my foundation with this brush, since it seems to provide the most coverage. The very first time I applied this foundation, it went on streaky, but I didn’t have that issue any other time. I use about 2 pumps to cover my whole face. It evened out my skin tone and covered the redness on my chin well. I had to spot conceal some blemishes and scars afterward, but I didn’t expect the foundation to cover those. The foundation and concealer played well together and did not cake up. Too Faced is on par when they say this foundation is medium coverage. I point this out because many makeup companies claim that their foundations are full coverage when they’re actually not, which is frustrating. I had no problems blending blush or bronzer on top.

Wear: The top photo was taken right after application, and the bottom photo is after 7 hours of wear. I did not blot or powder my face at all in that time. As you can see, I did get a little oily, but it is pretty minimal. None of my other foundations control oil this well. The foundation didn’t get patchy or cakey either. I am very impressed!

Bottom Line: I am extremely happy with this product. It applies nicely and wears INCREDIBLY. This is a no-fuss foundation. You don’t have to worry about it looking cakey, transferring, or sliding around your face. I can get away with not blotting my face throughout the day, which never happens for me! It’s awesome. This is my new go-to foundation.

Have you tried this foundation? Are you planning on picking it up? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading 😊

Trying new beauty sponges…BeautyBlender dupes? 

I have been a beautyblender user for a while now, and recently I was due for a new sponge. I didn’t want to pay the $20 for a new beautyblender pro again, so I decided to research some other sponges. I had previously tried the Real Techniques sponge and thought it was just okay, so I wanted to find another alternative. I went on and saw a Sephora brand sponge that got really high reviews and was cheaper than the beautyblender, so I purchased it. I also read that Maybelline came out with a new sponge and it was really inexpensive. I decided to try both.

The black sponge pictured above is the Maybelline New York FaceStudio Blender. It retails for $5.94 and is available at online and in store at Walmart and on Maybelline’s website. If you choose to buy this sponge, I would recommend going in store because the edges of the sponge are cut roughly (see photo) and some sponges were much worse than others. It is an hourglass shape with a flat bottom and an angled top that curves inward. It is fairly dense and the texture is somewhat rough. It did not expand a whole lot after I ran it under water. I used it to conceal my undereyes and felt that it was kind of hard against my skin when I was blending. The curved shape also felt like it wasn’t really touching the surface of the skin unless I pressed harder. However, the shape of the sponge hugs the cheekbone perfectly, so I think it would better lend itself to applying cream highlight.

The pink sponge pictured above is the Sephora Total Coverage Sponge. It retails for $12.00 and can be purchased online and in store at Sephora. It has an hourglass shape as well, but has a rounded bottom and a pointed top. It is super squishy and has a soft texture. It expands quite a bit after it is wet. The fact that it is bouncy makes it very comfortable to use and blends product in nicely and with minimal effort. The pointed top made it easy to get into the inner corners of my eyes when I applied concealer. When it came to washing this sponge, the makeup came out really quickly and didn’t require harsh scrubbing. This sponge seems somewhat delicate, so I would advise being gentle during washing. Some of the pink dye did bleed out when I washed it, but the color of the sponge itself doesn’t fade. I think it’s definitely worth paying the extra few dollars to buy the Sephora sponge over the Real Techniques one. You’re still saving $8 compared to the beautyblender and the quality is just as great!

Overall, if you’re looking for a sponge for concealer and foundation, I would recommend the Sephora sponge. If you use your sponge for cream highlighting, I’d go with Maybelline. I hope this post was helpful and that you can find a beautyblender alternative that you like!